I get back on the Bus following Raven. 'Raven'  the Cheater...hmm...

She was singing but now seems to be gone. I'm getting tired, and I can feel my eyelids fluttering shut ever so often; people seem to rush past-great blurs of colour. Yawning, I glance back to Jenny, but yank myself back awake when I see that Aidan is sitting with her now. They seem to be getting on, but I can see the pain in Jenny's eyes behind that warm coloured skintone. I really should ask her why it changes so often. Knowing my luck, though, she won't know a thing. Great. She was so useful in answering my questions. Not!

Maybe I could ask Raven about aliens. I would have asked the others on this Bus, but they all seem really pre-occupied with each other. Oh, to have company as they have!

"I know how to stop your cravings," says a voice behind me. I notice a girl about eighteen in Row 10, holding a sopping jumper. She has simple dark brown hair, and plain dark eyes. And I think she's been here for some time. Nobody would have looked at her-she was asleep, like me, and had come on slowly following the Vegas woman (if I recall correctly), so would have been cast aside as part of the furniture. Especially since she's dressed all in black!

Or maybe she was a shapeshifter that we hadn't met before. How was I supposed to know? I had hardly been paying much attention to anything but my own affairs.

I turn curiously, and hope that nobody can see that I'm eavesdropping. What did she just say?

What does she know about vampires?

The End

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