The missing blob.


I swear softly to myself as my stomach growls at me. I search my pocket for the blob to see if it was really what made me stop being hungry before. That... Kelly girl. She’s going on about how to stop cravings. I think I have a much better solution right here. Well. I should do. It’s not there anymore. Wrong pocket? I search through all of my pockets, standing up in my seat to dig through my jeans pockets – though why I would have put it in there, I have no idea. Either way, it’s gone. I make a strangled growling sound and look wildly around at the floor. I swear to myself again, this time not so quietly. In fact, I’m attracting curious gazes. Gabby in particular. I know I’ve been ignoring her.

‘Gabby?’ I call, momentarily side tracked.

‘Yeah?’ she asks warily.

‘Made up your mind yet?’

‘Oh... Yeah, I have.’ She says. She opens her mouth about to say something else, but I cut her off.

‘Great, tell me when I get back, okay?’ I turn to Basilic. He’s talking to the phoenix. Frustrated, I turn back to the hole in the side of the bus and climb out onto the roof. I squat on my haunches, blinking against the rush of air that almost pushes me off the side of the bus. Which is not what I need. I’ve only just recovered from the last time I went under its wheels. Next time I might not be so... lucky.

I curse again into the rushing night air, glancing over at the horizon. A shimmering glow of pale yellow light stings my eyes as I look into the centre of it. I turn away, looking back along the road we’ve been travelling. I don’t know where to begin. We can’t have come far, surely? I bite my lip gently before I leap off the end of the red hunk of moving metal, landing cat like on the road. I sprint off, retracing our journey.

The End

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