Stupid, Bloody Vampire

Basilic cursed as Jesse jumped through the window, him in his snake form wrapped around Jesse's chest. He then unwrapped himself from Jesse's body and hissed, trying to sound as menacing as possible. 

"‘You survived then." Basilic just grunted at him. He started stumbling back down the bus towards Phoebe when he heard someone shout out 'I know how to stop your cravings!' What was it with idiots and vampires? They attracted each other. He sighed, and one of his feet caught on air and he tripped. His glasses skittered off down the aisle. He could See. He did his best to Control his gaze as he hurried after them, keeping his eyes averted from everyone. He picked them up and found he was standing next to Phoebe. He stood and, stumbling slightly, fell into his seat. Stupid vampire. Bloody vampire. Stupid, bloody vampire. He was dizzy. He knew now, for sure, that snakes weren't meant to travel at speed. Endurance running, fine, but speed running... No! He would never do that again. Basilic would kill Jesse before allowing him to do that again. And Gabby... If she wasn't careful, he'd kill her out of sheer annoyance.

"Hey, Phoebe," he whispered into her sleeping ear, and kissed her gently. She stirred weakly and a smile spread across her face. Then her eyes opened. 

"Hey," she said, a grin across her face. She then touched one palm to his cheek and kissed him full on the mouth. He fell into it, and it felt like the entirety of eternity, there, in that single moment. 

The End

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