What do You know?

'I know how to stop your cravings!'

I couldn't stop the giggle that bubbled to my lips. What did this human know about being a vampire? She was probably just as naive as I was before I became one.

Her brow furrowed slightly, and I stifled the laughter so as not to seem rude.

'I'm sorry... what's your name?'

'Kelly.' She answered, almost automatically.

'I'm sorry, Kelly, but I'm not sure you know much about my particular brand of vampirism. It's alot different to what you read about. I found that out the hard way.' I laughed once, humourlessly. 'Thanks for offering, though.' I tacked that onto the end, as I realised I was being rude.

I turned and sat back in my seat. Now I realise how annoying it must have been for Alex.

Again, my mind  wandered off to where he might be. An airport, for sure, but... why? Where is he flying to? What is he doing? I was sure that all my questions would be answered in due time...

The End

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