Catching up for the last time. Maybe.

‘Can you keep up with me?’ I ask. My reply is a shrug. I roll my eyes and drop into a crouch.

‘What are you doing, Jesse?’ Basilic asks dubiously.

‘Waiting for you to stop being an idiot and climb on my back so I can carry you.’ I say.

‘No way am I doing that, Jesse.’ Basilic muttered angrily shaking his head. I grin to myself.

‘Have it your way,’ I say standing up slowly. I turn to him and before he can do anything about it, I grab him by the waist and sling him onto my back, not even straining to lift him.

‘Hey!’ Basilic shouted at me, trying to get free of my grasp. ‘Let go of me! Jesse! Put me down RIGHT NOW!’

‘C’mon snake boy. Gotta make sacrifices these days, eh?’ I grin and set off, ignoring Basilic’s screeching. Suddenly he stops and I feel him transform. The snake wraps itself around my torso, making me feel slightly claustrophobic. I think he gave in. With slightly restricted breathing, I pick up my pace and we soon catch up with the bus. Since there’s a gaping hole in the side of it without the door needing to be opened, I don’t bother getting Beth to pull over, instead running alongside the bus waiting for an opportunity to attach myself to the side of the bus.

Realising just how hard it was going to be to throw myself sideways at this speed, I drop back and launch myself – and the snake – at the end of the bus, grabbing whatever I can of it. I haul myself onto the roof and crouch. The snake unwinds himself from my body and I gulp in air gratefully.

‘You survived then.’ I comment as Basilic transforms back into his human form beside me. He grunts and ignores me. Ungrateful bastard. I crawl over to where the broken window is beneath us and I drop down, swinging myself in. Basilic follows and we take the seats we land in.

‘I know how to stop your cravings!’ I hear a woman’s voice chime excitedly. I turn around sharply and glare at the one speaking. This should be interesting.

The End

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