Powerful little blob of... goo...

Basilic got up without a word to me, taking the blob with him. He laughed at the out of tune cheetah singing and made his way to the front of the bus. He got off and disappeared into the night. So I followed. I’m sure Beth is pretty fed up of people getting on and off all the time, but there you go. When you’re driving a bus full of freaks, things like this are bound to happen. Although there is still a fair bit of human blood on the bus. Tempting. Very tempting. Midnight snack for when I get back on the bus?

I come across Basilic wrapped around a dead tree a couple of minutes later – I would recognise that snake anywhere. My stomach rumbles loudly and he turns toward me alarmed. I close my eyes the second I see him move. Hissing, he unwinds himself from the tree and transforms into his human shape.

‘You wandered off with the blob. I figured I should follow. On account that it’s apparently part mine and part yours.’ I tell him, wishing I could see the eyes behind the shades. Just so I knew I was talking to more than a front at the very least.

‘Fair enough.’ He says uncomfortably.

‘So d’ya try it out?’ I ask impatiently.

‘Well, that tree wasn’t dead when we went past it, put it that way.’ I gape at him in a rather undignified way and am immediately thankful for the suffocating darkness. ‘I think it just enhances my powers. I don’t know if I wanna experiment with it much more at all! It’s... so...’ he trails off. My stomach grumbles again and I can feel that oh so carefully tamed beast waking up and beating at its prison inside of me. I growl mostly at myself and push the sensation aside. I hate my metabolism.

‘Mind if I?’ I ask. I don’t know exactly what I’m hoping to achieve and I feel like a bit of an idiot standing there asking to hold a black blob. Hesitantly, Basilic hands it over. I feel the sweeping tingle and the submerging sensation as I take it from him and the gorgeous sensation of being in the sun right before the pain that never comes. I wait. Something should be happening, surely? I look at Basilic confused and he shrugs.

‘Nothing.’ I say, torn between returning it and putting it in my pocket. If he can kill trees just by looking at them because of this thing, and nothing happens to me, I think it would be safer if I kept it. I voice this opinion to Basilic and reluctantly he agrees. I shove it in my pocket and the moment my fingers leave it, I feel like I’m being pulled out of water all over again. Shuddering I suggest we catch up with the bus again.

As we run, I notice the hunger has passed.  The beast is calm and serene. The smell of blood rolls over me as we catch up with the bus, and does nothing for me. Not even a hint of temptation. I frown and wonder if it’s the blob. If it is... why so destructive for one, and subduing for another? I shrug it off and commit it to memory to mention it to Bas later.


The End

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