There's Water ALL Over The Floor!

Jesse pushed me out of the way as he rushed to Basilic's aid. I fell backwards, onto my butt.

Why, exactly, was Jesse trying to help the creepy snake guy? I don't know, but it's not right. Basilic started to retch, and vomited, inches away from my sneakers. Gross.

A strange emotion tingled in my chest, and it took me a moment to place it. It was... jealousy? But that was ridiculous! Jesse had only been staying with me for his own personal gain.

But I can't help what I feel, and I grabbed my bag from the seat near the front and moved to a dark area near the back. I dumped the tiny suitcase on the floor at my feet and slumped into the seat, arms crossed, chin jutted out defiantly - typical teenage tantrum position.

After a while my misdirected rage cooled down, and I decided to have a look in my case. The day I snuck out of the house in the dead of night to rid my life of trouble seemed like centuries ago.

'Hah!' I couldn't stop the derisive laugh that escaped my lips, and someone turned around to looked at me. I stifled the laughter and opened my case. To rid my life of trouble - how wrong I was!

The battered case creaked open, and I saw the neatly folded remainders of my human life.

My remembering sigh turned to a cry of horror as I felt the dampness from the bag seeping through my 'borrowed' t-shirt.

'Eww! someone spilt water all over the floor!' After a moment I was aware that alot of people were looking at me, and I smiled sheepishly. Yeah, the super-freaks totally needed to hear about some trite, human problem. Even if I'm not completely human.

'Jeez, couldn't they at least clean it up?' I muttered.

The End

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