The blob.

I put my hand on the black blobby thing and... well... I don’t know how to describe it. It felt amazing, horrible and far too powerful all at the same time. It felt a lot like being in the sun, actually. That tingling feeling right before the pain. Except that the pain never came while I was holding it. I felt like I was submerged, in a weird little world of my own. I let go of it and it felt like I was being pulled out by the back of my hoodie. I stared at it, then at Basilic. And then back again.

‘That is the weirdest feeling ever.’ He looked at me curiously and I obligingly explained the sensation to him.

‘That is weird. It doesn’t feel like that to me at all. It feels like a huge surge of electricity and the power from it makes my head throb. No tingling, just a shot of power.’ He pauses and looks back at the blob.

‘What do we do with it? I mean... what does it even do, apart from make is feel powerful?’  I ask tentatively.

‘I don’t know. I would say experiment... but I don’t like it.’ Basilic mutters, his expression worried and thoughtful.

The End

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