Basilisk Power and Vampire Blood

Basilic heard words but they meant nothing to him, meaningless sounds as he pondered the object in his pocket.  He ran his hand over it, and felt the same burst of energy, and could swear the plastic cup holder in front of him started to run. He twitched his hand off the ball and the plastic became solid again. He had an idea... Well, it was Jesse's, actually. Basilic had read his surface thoughts. A mixture of basilisk Power and vampire blood? That... That would be powerful. Jesse was still standing over them, and looked worried.

"Jesse, can I talk to you for a sec?" he asked cautiously, before slipping past him and going to a 'quieter' part of the bus, ie, where there were fewer people to see, and pulled the ball out of his pocket, and placed it on a seat. Put your hand on it and see what happens..."

The End

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