The black thingy worries me.

Ew. Again. Once he had finished throwing up, he poked something weird and black on the ground. His finger froze and he withdrew. Then he picked it up. Slipping it in his pocket, he turned to me.

‘Thanks. And, err... I'd appreciate if you didn't tell anyone about that... Until I know what it is, at any rate.’  I nod and get up, pulling him to his feet. We get back on the bus, both of us slightly unnerved. He looks more freaked out about the black thing. I’m mostly just reeling from all the vomit. I really want to know what that black thing is, but hey, if Bas doesn’t know, how could I? Though as the bus trundles on and we return to our seats, I came up with a little theory. Personally, I think that the venom and my blood mixed into something really weird. I hope it’s not dangerous. I look around, snapping out of my reverie. We’re missing someone. There’re less presences than before.

Raven. She’s... well, she’s gone.  ‘Did you see her go?’ I ask Gabby. She shrugs uselessly and opens her mouth to speak, but I’m already out of my seat.

‘Phoebe?’ I call her name as I walk over to her row. ‘Where’s Raven gone?’ she shrugs.

‘I don’t know. She just said she had to go.’ Phoebe replies. Basilic looks lost in thought, ignoring me standing over them. I frown and notice his hand is in the pocket he put the black thing in. Weird.

The End

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