Calming Tactics

I tried to take in all the information Jenny was telling me, but it kept slipping from my mind like sand. What was wrong with me? I have a photographic memory-nothing can evade me…And yet this precious information about Jenny was just vanishing from my mind. No matter how much I urged it to stay.

Suddenly I put 2 and 2 together to get 4! The information that Jenny had been telling me also gave me the answer to my confusion.

“You’re changing my mind!” I almost yelled at the young woman sitting next to me. “Look, I need time to think. My own thoughts.”  I pick up my bag from beside me, and remove a pack of lollipops from it. I leave the Bus in search of the cheater-creature. Now I’ve got used to ‘aliens’ on this Bus, I think it’s time I starting socialising with the non-humanoid ones. It takes me a while to reach her because she has run so far, but when I do, I am shocked at the sight that meets me. The beautiful glossy-coated feline is lying by the side of the road, weeping to herself.

I curl up near to her, and start to stroke that coat. From just below the neck almost to the tail. It’s a tactic that I know also calms animals; when I had my cat ‘Ghost’ it calmed her when she was in a strop.

“Raven, was it?” I said offering her a lolly from the packet but recoil on second thoughts. Cheaters don’t eat sweets, do they? “Don’t worry about not getting on with people. Did you see the lady in The Vegas Outfit? She and I didn’t get on, but I found someone else.” My mind flicks back to Jenny, who, as I left the Bus, had been avoiding my gaze, her eyes firmly fixed on the outside. My eyes well up with tears, but I fight the pain, and turn back to Raven. “There was Jenny. She-she helped me… appreciate the other things in this Universe.”


I travel up the bus to Jenifer. I can feel the sharp corners of wood on the small cross in my pocket; ready to remove if this…this creature got vicious.

“Don’t worry about Meg. I know her. She says she needs time, but, despite what anyone would think, she forgives as quickly as a snake sheds its skin.” What a simile to say, seeing as there had been a fight between the Snake-Devil (called Bas?) and The Pale-Devil (called…Jesse, I think?). I give a small, albeit a little nervous, laugh.

“What do you do, I mean, as work?” It was a weird subject to start with, but I had to communicate with this being somehow.

“What is your life like? Do you have, um…friends? Have you ever… fallen in love?”

How ungentlemanly of me to ask such questions. But all I have in my mind is the beautiful shape of that brave woman trying to bridge the gap.

The End

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