What The... ?

Basilic was hurling, desperately trying to dislodge what felt like a large stone from his abdomen. He retched, again and again, until his throat was sore. He pulled a bottle of Lucozade out of his pocket and swallowed the whole thing in a couple of seconds. This stimulated his stomach to move and the ball-stone-thing shifted. He retched and again, and each time he felt it move a couple of centimetres, edging it's way up his throat.

Eventually, he retched for a last time, and a thick, black viscous 'liquid' came out, and landed on the ground with a wet thud. He stared at it in horror, as this thing started to move, forming a ball of this black stuff. He reached out, a little confused but wondering what exactly this thing was. His finger inched forward, twitching, and when he got within an inch of this swirling ball his finger was covered in ice. He drew it back sharply. 

He sat there for another minute, contemplating what to do. Eventually, he just grabbed for it. Despite looking like a swirling viscous thing, it was surprisingly solid. But the most interesting thing was that, as soon as he touched it, he felt more powerful. His eyes glowed and his fingers got hot and then cold. Disturbed, he slipped it into his pocket, and turned around to look at Jesse. 

"Thanks. And, err... I'd appreciate if you didn't tell anyone about that... Until I know what it is, at any rate."

The End

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