Ew. Just... ew.

I scream as the snake pulled the last of the venom out of me. I roll away from him and hit the floor hard. I go limp and stare up at the ceiling, Basilic half in view. I see his face contort and he falls out of sight with a breathless choking noise. The pain is leaving me slowly, very slowly. But it looks like Basilic has got it now. Which is... confusing, to say the least. Maybe he got some of my blood in him? I hope not. That can’t have been good for him, let alone drinking his own venom. I gasp in air, my lungs on fire.

‘Water!’ I croak. Gabby uncaps a bottle and holds it to my mouth; I shake my head and purse my lips. ‘Not me, you idiot. For him!’ I say indicating to Basilic. I push myself up, my muscles stiff and achey, but a lot less painful than just a few minutes ago. I push myself up and grab the bottle from Gabby impatiently. I’m hoping it was my blood that caused this, because if it’s not, I have no idea what it is. And that’s not good. I force him to take the water, pushing Gabby away from me. Harsh I know, but hopefully, I know what I’m doing.

‘Stop the bus!’ I yell at Gabby. She hesitates and scampers off to the bus driver. I pull Basilic towards the door, throw him on the floor and retrieve the abandoned water bottle. I kneel next to him and force him to drink more water.

‘Throw up, you bastard. Throw up. Get it out!’ I mutter beside him, forcing him to sit up. He gasps as I move him and he heaves, blood venom and water rushing out of his mouth. I’m not a fan of vomit and I almost join him in his retching, but I manage to keep it down. Well most of it.

‘Stop calling me that!’ Basilic manages to say between heaving breaths.

‘No. Is it all out, d’ya think?’ I ask avoiding looking at the pool of vomit. He clutches at his belly and groans.

‘I don’t know’ he says. I bite my lip and am at a loss.

‘Thank you, Basilic. I’m sorry I said the things I said. Just so you know. This might be the wrong time to say it, but who knows when I’m next gonna feel like saying it?’ I laugh, though my words were sincere. Basilic nods and retches again.

The End

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