Sorting Out A Troubled Vampire

Basilic was glad that Phoebe was sat with Raven now. She could probably help more than him. He put his iPod in again, and let it pump out The Black Parade. When it finished, he sighed. He could still hear Gabby's incessant shrieking and it was giving him a migraine. He sighed and stood up, beckoning Phoebe. He hugged her.

"Just... Keep an eye on her, would you? I need to sort out that background noise." He smiled and walked down the bus, morphing into a snake halfway down the bus. He slithered the rest of the way, hissing in annoyance as Gabby's shrieks for help vibrated the metal floor of the bus. Reaching them, he hissed at her.

"Oh, shut up, Gabby. Do you know how high pitched your voice is to a snake? Let me sort him out, right? Just... Be quiet and sit down," his voice, as a hiss, was still low and menacing. Gabby went mute and, quite pale, sat down. Jesse, however, was moaning and, in between laboured breaths, was cursing him. He must have lost his vision or something, because he was staring intently at the floor. 

Sighing a rasping breath, he grew larger, easily five foot long, and someone further down the bus stifled a scream. Ignoring it, he wrapped his thick black body around Jesse's leg and sank his fangs in again. Instead of putting the lethality of his stare into it, he tried to draw it out, taking it back into his body. The taste of the vampire's blood on his fangs repulsed him, and he swore as some of it trickled down his throat. The power he'd infected Jesse with streamed back into him, but much more powerful, and it astonished him. He was surprised Jesse had hung on this long. He kept on drawing it out. When he finished, he withdrew his fangs and returned to his human form. He glared at Jesse who was still lying pathetically on the floor, before a gut-wrenching pain attacked him. He fell to the floor, a wave of spasms gripping his stomach, gasping for breath. 

The End

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