Phoenix felt a sharp pain inside her, it was like a needle being pushed into her heart then taken out a few moments later. Her eyes flamed with sorrow as she scanned the bus for the aura. She hated sorrow, she would rather be angry than feel sorrow.

Suddenly she saw a small glow around...Raven? She moved over to the seat next to her and listened in. She knew she shouldn't but the pain was still in her chest, it wouldn't go away until the sorrow was gone.

She sighed, she was so cold. She blew upon the window of the bus, sending a warm aura throughout the bus, she also hoped this would help Raven, help her feel wanted. She placed her hand to her lips, as if blowing a kiss and blew hot air over Raven.

Raven turned to Phoenix, who just winked and smiled. "The least I could do." She whispered, before leaning her head back into the chair.

The End

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