Basilisk venom

‘Where’s Raven?’ I ask hoarsely. Gabby looks up and around the bus, then down t me.

‘She’s just over there, a couple of rows back.’ Gabby says, turning back to me. I haul myself up in my seat a little, my head spinning.

‘She okay?’ I try to look around, but my muscles scream in protest. Stupid basilisk venom! Though I’m glad I’m still around. I dread to think what after afterlife is waiting for me. I’d probably come back as something even worse than a vampire. Or be stuck with creatures worse than me, at any rate.

‘I don’t know, she looks a bit upset, actually. But Basilic is with her...’ Gabby says uncertainly. I try to get up, but again my muscles refuse, agony pumping through me. I howl loudly at the pain and Gabby stiffens as I make her jump.

‘Basilic, you son of a b*tch!’ I begin to curse him at great volume, calling him every name I can think of. Bad move, probably, but I’m in agony here.

The End

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