Disturbed Sleep

Basilic was trying to sleep, but he kept getting odd images in his head. They weren't his memories; he'd never been an outcast like that. The sound was unreliable, tuning in and out. He tried to push it out of his mind, to sleep, but they wouldn't move. He tossed and turned, and Phoebe was probably getting ready to throttle him. He tossed, his black hair getting even messier.

Eventually, he woke and, even more tired than when he drifted off, yawned again, and a forked snakes tongue shot out of his mouth, obsidian black, shimmering slightly in the artificial lights of the bus; Beth had turned them on when it had started to go dark. He took his glasses off and rubbed his snake eyes, the emerald green snake pupils contracting slightly as the light shot into them, slicing pain shooting through his brain at the sudden light. 

Awake, he searched his mind as for why he'd woken up. Suddenly, the memories hit him. The girl in the playground; the bullies. He growled. He'd been bullied as a kid, the guy who always wore sunglasses, the freak who wouldn't show his eyes. But that bullying he could deal with. The girl in his dreams... That had to leave deep emotional scars to last a lifetime. He was bored, and sent his mind wondering. A few people seemed to be asleep, but there was one whose mind was screaming out, and almost deafened him. Raven. He was concerned, and sent his mind questing into hers. He found disturbing images. Now he knew whose memories they were and he found himself full of empathy. His mental defences were low from the Link with Konrad, and she was mentally crying so loudly he wasn't surprised he'd picked up her thoughts. He stood and removed his jacket again, placing it behind Phoebe's head. He kissed her again and she murmured something incomprehensible. He walked towards Raven, sat down on the edge of the aisle seat and nudged her gently. 

"Raven?" he asked softly.

The End

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