A Quest of the Past

Raven watched the bus as it pulled away without her. She was worried, and scared, but also excited. She had to do this. She had to--for herself, for Ghianon, for Lysef--and especially for Phoebe. It was strange to think that the life of this girl she had once hated now rested in her hands.

"A trick of the past...." Raven repeated the words of Lord Lyself as she began to scratch around in the dirt. "Right here, somewhere," She muttered. "If I can only find..."

Shaking her head, Raven quickly morphed herself into a dog and began to dig. Deeper and deeper she dug, all afternoon, until her paws hit on something hard.

It was a little white scroll, clean and shining even though it had been buried for who-knows-how-long in mountains of dirt. Raven morphed back into her human form and impatiently pulled it open. Scanning the contents, she stuffed the scroll into her pocket and looked around.

So it's true, she thought. Phoebe is a princess.

She morphed into a hawk and began to soar hundreds of feet above ground. She'd have to move fast to catch that bus.

Phoebe is a princess. Phoebe is a princess. "I have to tell her the truth," Raven said aloud. "Before it's too late..."

The End

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