Ghianan Speaks

Smiling, Ghianan took a seat in the farthest corner of the bus, where Anele had her web. He sat in silence and watched the line of trees speed by as they passed a long forest.

Ahead of him, Raven lay motionless across her seat, breathing lightly as sleep overtook her. Everything was peaceful for now. But he couldn't ignore what he had come to do.

"Raven," Ghianan whispered, "Listen. When the bus next stops, I need you to come with me. There is someone you should see."

The cheetah only purred in her sleep and rolled over.

"Esa Osasa Golati" Ghiannon whispered as he stroked her head. The Elvish words pierced Raven in her sleep. "Awake, dear warror."

She hesitantly opened one eye and saw the old elf standing over her. "Okay, okay," she muttered. "I know. I'm coming." Then she rolled over and went back to sleep.

Ghianan smiled as he watched her.

The End

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