Basilic and Phoebe got back on the bus and sat down as it started moving again. He tried to relax, but even with Phoebe sat next to him he couldn't settle. He put his iPod back in and put The Script - The End Where I Begin on. He knew that he could relate to some of the lyrics, and music calmed him. He started to drift off to sleep, and then a scene entered his mind. He saw a vampire the roof of an airport collapse, and someone crawl over to him. The scene changed and he saw a face he really didn't want to. Blaze's. It distorted and morphed into Jesse's, then Raven's; then Phoebe's. At this, he smiled in his sleep. And then it changed one last time. Her. She invaded his sleep, when he was at his weakest, and at the time he was happiest. He was starting to despise her. 

He woke an hour later when the bus jolted to a stop at a petrol station. He told Phoebe to get off and stretch her legs and that he'd catch up with her before walking to Raven, still as a cheetah. 

"Hey, Raven. Do you want something to eat, or... ? I mean, if you want to stretch your legs, I'll go and get you something... "

She projected her thoughts back to him. "Err... Could you find some meat, possibly?" 

"Sure. Although, actually, now I think about it, if you're not gonna change form, you may want to stay on the bus... " he said, and he turned around, a smile on his face. He wondered down the street and found Phoebe at the end, just starting to walk back. He smiled and hugged her. He pulled a £20 note out of his pocket and gave it to her.

"Go and get yourself something to eat or something, right? I'm going to get Raven something, seeing as she's a cheetah right now..." She kissed him gently on the cheek and walked to a newsagents on the street and Basilic walked back to a butchers he'd seen. He went in and brought a leg of lamb for Raven before catching up to Phoebe in the newsagents and stocked up with chocolate, sweets, drinks and crisps before heading back to the bus and giving Raven her meat.

The End

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