Basilic looked at Phoebe. Her touch had drawn all of the anger out of him. She had hung her head in... embarrassment? He drew her close and hugged her.

"Phoebe, come on. Don't be embarrassed. And I won't. I wouldn't. I love you too much too." He held her at arms length and looked her in the eyes, taking his glasses off. He clasped them shut, afraid that he couldn't be able to Control the power this time. It would be the worst thing ever for him to finally realise his love for Phoebe and then to accidentally take her life. He opened them in shock when Phoebe kissed him forcefully, and she drew away, a playful smile around her lips. He grinned, and kissed her. 

"I'll never leave you, Phoebe," he promised. He just hoped he could keep it.

The End

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