Phoebe was taken aback by the kiss, she felt energy run through her. It took her a while to snap back from her trance, she looked at Basilic. "No, wait." She said putting a hand on his shoulder. "Don't, you will be as bad as her. No worse." She tried her best to calm Bas down, she knew it wouldn't be easy.

She moved her hand from her shoulder to his glasses. "Don't even think about it." She whispered into his ear before kissing his cheek softly. She looked down at Raven. She still hated her, a little feeling in her stomach made her hate Raven but she didn't care. She was stood next to Basilic again, she didn't want to leave his side, "Please, don't leave me again." She muttered, she didn't even think about saying it, it just sort of happened. She looked at the floor embarrassed.  

The End

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