Basilic watched as Phoebe got off the bus. He bit the rogue a last time and transformed, jogging to the front of the bus. He asked Beth to stop, again, and paid her to keep the bus there. He knew it wouldn't move. The money was incentive enough, but when you mix it with fear... Perfect mix. 

He jogged towards the pair, just down the road. By that time his anger towards Raven had reached boiling point, and when he saw her he almost transformed again and killed her, but he restrained himself, forcing himself to keep calm.

He slowed down and walked to Phoebe, who was just standing there, auburn hair glinting in the sun like fire. Holding her close, he kissed her, putting all of his passion into it, making his feelings known clearly. He wanted to stand there all day, just to be close to her, be with her. He broke away after what felt like a lifetime, and turned on Raven. 

"You... You have some comeuppance due."

The End

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