No... !

Basilic couldn't believe it... No, it wouldn't happen, it could never happen, it's just too coincidental. But... He couldn't disprove the evidence in front of his eyes... She was stood there, in front of him, for all to see. But what was worse, she was with him. That put the final vestiges of anger in place towards that utter, despicable bastard. He knew that vampires could sink low but that was a new standard even by them.

A tear welled in his eye as they sat down. He could have sworn she smirked as she glanced around and looked at him, her brown hair a halo around her prefect face... But how could that bastard know?! There were only two people who knew besides himself; they were Phoebe and Raven. His eyes widened. Raven. She'd got off the bus, and hadn't returned. She could change her appearance at will. He sent out his conciousness and felt her aura, cleverly hidden behind a wall of Jesse's design. No wonder he hadn't felt it before. Now he was really pissed. If they thought they could get away with that, then they had another thing coming. He had already prepared the link with Konrad. He sent out a hallowing call that every non-human on the bus would have heard. he could almost feel their eyes open, Jesse's in shock and he could feel Raven's confusion. Next, he sent sharp daggers flying at Raven's mind. She screamed in pain and collapsed, taken out of the fight, for a couple of minutes at least. Basilic changed form, becoming what he truly was. He became a snake, black with emerald green eyes. He slithered under seats and reached Jesse's leg. Injecting his teeth with all the lethality of a basilisks stare, be plunged his fangs deep into the vampire's leg. 

The End

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