Catching up again.

I follow the shape shifter, keeping up with her easily. We pass a small town and the faint scent of vampire reaches my nose. Not wanting to intrude on another vampire’s turf, I speed up, over taking the shape shifter for a moment. She shouts at me to slow down, so the moment we’re out of the town, I comply, falling back to her speed. I can smell the bus fumes, off in the distance. Well at least I know I can trust her directions now. She swoops down and flies next to me.

‘Nearly there, it’s a few miles off.’ I nod and take an unprompted left through a hedgerow. There are a lot of them around. She follows. ‘Where you going?’

‘Shortcut.’ I reply. I stop dead in the middle of a field, ignoring the farmer’s presence.

‘What now?’ the shape shifter asks, landing beside me. Her tone is exasperated.

‘How we gonna get back at him?’ I look at her questioningly.

‘Oh! Good question. I had an idea earlier, but it’s kinda cruel...’ she bites her lip gently and I grin.

‘Cruel?’ I ask. ‘He can deal with it. I’m getting off soon anyway,’ I look into her doubtful eyes. ‘You can come with me too, if you want,’ I add. She laughs and then smiles at me.

‘Well my idea was this,’ she explains it to me, and I feel my grin growing with every second. I see what she means about cruel, but at this point, I’m a little beyond morals.

‘I like it. You’re evil.’ I laugh and she smiles, a little uncertain. Probably worried by me, but I can live with that.

‘Better catch up with that bus, really.’ She says, spreading her wings again. I nod and set off, able to find my own way now. She flies over head and we come to a stop a little ahead of the bus. Her glamour is perfect. We beam at each other and I hold her hand, waiting for the bus to come across us.

The End

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