I hadn't noticed when Jesse got thrown off the bus. I'm not entirely sure how - I think I must have fallen asleep when I was thinking about whether or not to trust him.

I'd finally come to a decision, but when I looked around to give him my answer, he had gone.

Then the rusty scent of blood assaulted my nose. It may not be as sensitive as a regular vampires, but I definitely knew that smell. I followed it down the bus to where the snake guy was sitting.

'What did you do?' I asked him warily. He had a look in his eyes which I didn't like much. A look of death.

The wind was whistling through the gaping hole in the side of the bus. This reeked of Jesse.

Without a second thought, I leaped over Basilic, not giving him time to answer, and through the window, hitting the ground running.

I sped off back along the twisting road, exultant despite the circumstances. Speed made me happy.

It wasn't long before I came to the place where Jesse had been lying. The smell was faint, but the dead bodies were evident of a vampire attack.

After hauling the victims to their car, I started to run again. I wish I could have done more for those people, but I wasn't magic, I couldn't bring them back from the dead. I wasn't even strong enough to push the car into a better hiding place than the verge. Sigh.

I followed the smell of blood, because that's what I'm most sensitive to. Jesse musn't have been as careful as usual, his scent had faded completely, but the blood lingered, mapping out his path.

Finally, I came to a small town. Which wasn't a good thing. The smell of car exhaust fumes completely submerged the blood. Good thing I have simply fanatastic people skills. Not.

I ran up to a woman with a baby in a pram, hoping she was a nice person.

'Excuse me, you haven't seen a guy running through here, have you? He was wearing a, um, a...' What was he wearing? Oh, crap. 'Well, I dunno what he was wearing, but he probably had red eyes, or blood on him somewhere. And mud! Yeah, he was lying at the side of the road, so he probably has mud on him...' I trailed off as the woman walked away with a slightly scared look on her face. Stupid Gabby.

I asked a lot more people if they had seen Jesse, and only one of them even talked to me. Thankfully, he had an answer.

'Sure, he headed up that way.' He pointed North, and I was running before he could say anymore.

Jesse? I tentatively projected my thoughts, remembering what had happened on the bus. Jesse? Okay, now I feel stupid. Can you here me?

I stopped in the middle of the empty road, sitting on the ground with my head in my hands. It was no use, I would never find him. And now I couldn't even find the bus.

The End

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