Haha, your turn, snake boy.

I groan and roll over, bruised from head to foot, literally. I curl up into the foetal position, clutching at my groin. He had to, didn’t he? Bastard. I suppose I deserved it, and that makes me smile, through the pain. My lip is split, and it makes itself known as I grin to myself, laughing at nothing into the cold night air. I feel my body healing itself and I know his comment about aching in the morning was completely wrong. He broke a few bones, though. That would take a little longer. I lay on my back to make sure nothing sets in the wrong place. The bones heal first, since they’re most important, followed by the cuts, bruises and everything else that hurts like hell.

I stiffly get up and ignore the pain as I set off at a jog to catch up with the bus. As I heal, I get faster. I follow the smell of the bus and the unmistakeable presences of the phoenix and basilisk. The pitch black darkness of the night is no challenge, but the twisting, winding route of the bus is. Following its exact path at a high speed is nearly impossible. So I end up cutting across the wilderness around the bus, using a straight line. I can see the lights of the bus flickering behind a hedge. I slow to the bus’ speed and when there’s an opening, I cut through the hedge onto the road and run right next to the big red monstrosity. I see Phoebe and Basilic through one of the windows and satisfied that I know what side of the bus they’re on, I cut back through the hedge and speed off, waiting for the bus to catch up with me. I smile, ignoring the pain in my body that reminds me it’s there as I wait on the verge for the bus.

As the bus approaches, I get ready to jump, crouching down, arms outstretched and ready to grab whatever hand hold makes itself available to me. It thunders along the road breaking the quiet around me and as I see Basilic and Phoebe, I launch myself at the side of the bus, smashing the window beside them, grabbing the metal framework. I swing myself in and kick Basilic in the head as I do so. I knock him to the floor and pinning him down, and begin to extract my revenge, starting by breaking a few of his own ribs.

The End

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