What Is It With Vampires And Bad Choices?


Basilic stood up and walked down the aisle towards the vampire. He tapped his on the shoulder. Jesse turned around. He was met by a solid punch to the forehead. The vampire keeled over and Basilic dragged him to the front, where the bus driver had stopped driving. 

"Thanks," Basilic muttered as he dragged the stupid Undead idiot off the bus. When he got outside, he whipped off his glasses and stared hard into Jesse's. The vampire stiffened up, and Basilic laid into him, punching him over and over, kicking him, breaking bones and, most of all, shouting abusive language at him, and taking enjoyment from it. "You may not die from this, but you're gonna so ache in the morning, scum. You may have no feelings, but the rest of us actually care about people besides ourselves. Oh, and how's Konrad?" he asked viciously. "Oh, yeah, I know him. He came across me, and he healed me. Yeah. I owe him a favour, and a rogue would be a fine repayment." Basilic kicked the vampire once more and turned around, replacing his glasses. He got on the bus and said, "Drive", before walking to his seat.  

The End

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