Bored of your tears

I wait for Gabby to make up her mind, sitting behind her, watching the going ons in the bus. It’s boring, actually. Aside from that Raven... thing (?), making Bas and Phoebe jump. Other than that it’s all lovey dovey nonsense. Tears and comforting and the like. No one can make up their mind if they love each other or not and it’s beginning to irritate me. I get up and make my way over to the phoenix and snake boy.

‘Listen, snake boy. And you, phoenix.’ I say, standing over them, my expression stormy. ‘Make your bloody minds up. Stop living in the past, and just let yourselves love each other instead of all this dithering around, or so help me I will chuck you both off this bus!’ I know I’m interrupting at a bad time, both of them are crying over... something. I don’t care. I just want them to shut up and stop doing my head in. I stalk back over to my seat and turn back to Gabby.

‘Made your mind up yet, half blood?’ I snap.

The End

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