Basilic smiled as Phoebe passed his glasses back. No, he didn't particularly want to kill anyone. And then it 'kicked off' again. Women, he thought. Why can't they just play nice? He tried to forget about everything, to just immerse himself in Phoebe's presence, but... No! She wormed her way in, shattering his calm. he needed to do something. He pulled out his iPod and put one earphone in his ear. A quick moment later and My Chemical Romance - Teenagers pumped itself into his ear. He hugged Phoebe as she cried, but he couldn't stand it. He excused himself and walked up and down the bus, wondering what to say. He must have looked mad. Eventually, he stopped at Raven's seat. 

"I may like and, kind of, respect you, but do not threaten Phoebe, or you'll be more dead than you can imagine, right? I don't want to hurt anyone, I've done that to far too many people, but if she's in danger, I won't hesitate to kill you."

The End

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