Extremely Confused

Basilic was extremely confused as Raven approached them and randomly started yelling at him and Phoebe. He didn't move, but his eyes contracted slightly in anger, and then the shape-shifter turned around and stalked off. And then Basilic realised that she was wearing his jacket. She hadn't even thanked him for that. The angry outburst had just confused Basilic, and more than slightly annoyed him. 

Then Phoebe fell into his arms and whispered in his ear. "I do too, Phoebe, you know I do, I hope," he said as her sat her down. "Look, I need to talk to her. She needs some kind of help. She's... I don't know, but she needs friends right now. Can you let that go?"

"Of course I can," she replied, her voice steely. Basilic turned around, but Phoebe touched his arm. "Just tell her... We're not feeble humans." Basilic laughed and assured her he would. he turned around again and walked down the bus to where Raven was sulking.

"Hello, Raven. There was no need for that, but, I'm willing to forgive it, as is Phoebe, as long as you remember we're not feeble humans. I realise you need friends. You want more than that. You'll find someone, the one you want to," 

The End

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