Oh really?

Pheobe sighed and looked Martin straight in the eyes. Her own were raging with fire. For once in her life she did not know what the fire represented, wether it was Love, Anger or Sorrow. She was not suprised when the human was a little taken aback. "I know." She gulped, the words getting stuck in her throat.

She glanced at the back of the bus. His green eyes flashed in her head, she remembered when he had fought with her against the greatest of enemies. Infact, he had always been there. She looked away from Martin. "You can go back to your seat now." Her voices panged with sorrow. She got up, tears were welling up in her eyes as she walked towards Basilic, her head hung. "How can you love me truly, when you heart lies with someone else?" She almost choked on the words, she did not want Basilic to know that she was about to break into tears or that she didn't actually want to let him go but she needed to know because she had the small feeling 'SHE'' wouldn't go away so easily.

The End

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