"Who was she? She was the woman who broke my heart 15 years ago, she was my first love, and I truly loved her. Unfortunately, feelings like that don't disappear. I had to tell her, I just felt that I needed to, but I know nothing would ever come of it, I just had to tell her. But I do love you, Phoebe, truly." He tried to let his sorrow fill his voice. "I know that there's no excuse. But... I had thought I'd got over her, and then Raven unlocked the vault of my mind, where I'd hidden everything that I needed to forget."

And at that, Basilic looked down and walked to his seat. Raven was still asleep.

"Well, thanks, Raven," he announced, the sarcasm unhidden, and the voice full of anger and hurt. He grabbed his bag and stalked towards the back of the bus, sitting opposite the toilet. He looked down the bus towards Martin and Auvrea. Why couldn't he ever have that?


Martin looked around and saw Basilic grab his bag and then move towards the back of the bus, obviously angry at something, and then Basilic looked at him and Auvrea. Pain filled the basilisk's eyes. Suddenly, Martin understood. He took Auvrea's head off his shoulder carefully, and she woke up, an unasked question in her eyes. She was still tired, he could see. 

"I just need to do something, OK?" he asked carefully, eyes still flitting between Basilic and the phoenix.

"Mmk," she muttered, and tried to get herself comfortable against the window instead of his shoulder. Martin walked slowly towards Basilic.

"Hey, Basilic. You need help?" Basilic was shocked too hear someone talk to him.

"Yeah, I do. I just... I've screwed everything up. Phoebe... Well, I love her, I do. But... She left, and locked memories became unlocked. I love someone else, as well. And I told them. Phoebe knows, and she hates me for it," Basilic poured all this out quickly, to the unassuming man who had gained his trust so quickly. 

"Well... I'll try and help, but whether I can, I don't know." Martin walked back down the bus towards Phoebe. He knelt down next to her seat. 

"Hey. Phoebe, was it? I know you don't want to hear this. I really wouldn't want to either. I thought the same thing not long ago, and it almost killed me. But he does love you, I can tell. The sincerity and sorrow in his voice is real. And I know you know that," he said, looking her directly in the eye.

The End

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