"Speak of the devil,"  Raven projects, even her thoughts weak, and then she fell into a coma-like sleep. He thought through the fragmented thoughts that he had gained from her mind, and he immediately knew she was right... But, he hadn't scrabbled for another woman... He'd been trying to relieve the depression that she had brought on him... But even so, he should have done it in a more constructive way. 

"Eh?" he said to himself, trying to figure out what her last thought had meant. He knew he should know, but there was a presence on the bus that kept distracting him, like it was calling out to him... A soft singing seemed intent to draw him in. He tried to block it out, but then he suddenly realised what it was... Phoebe! He wanted to rush towards her, but he needed to make sure that Raven was alright. He propped her up against the window and then took off his jacket and put it between her head and the window. He then turned around and walked to Phoebe.

"Hello," he whispered, scared of what she'd say... After all, she'd just got on the bus and walked straight past him. 

The End

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