She Abandoned Me!

Basilic was stunned at her reaction. And then his anger descended. 

"Don't you dare say I take them for granted! I give them all a piece of my heart, and how is it returned? Tattered, and in pieces! If I remember correctly, Raven, it was Phoebe that left me! Do you know how much that hurts? I finally give my heart to someone else and she leaves me, just flies off! I only called her to tell her how I feel, to get it off my chest! I know nothing would ever happen, but I felt I had to tell her. And that came from you, Raven!" at this she looked slightly confused, "Yes, I know you went into my head. And you unlocked the memories that should have stayed locked forever! If you hadn't done that, none of this would have happened!"

He was so angry he almost took off his sunglasses and killed her, but he remembered that Phoebe wouldn't want that. He couldn't believe that she had suggested that he was treating them badly. Wasn't he the one that always got hurt? And then he realised that she'd fainted. He picked up her lolling head and shook it slightly. He didn't know what was wrong with her. 

The End

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