Finding Alex

She moved again. Stupid temperamental teenagers! I sigh and wait a while. Her jarring sobs could be heard from here. I left her to it. She had left her bag on her seat, I notice and I decide to use it as an excuse to get up. It’s much harder than it looks, sitting on your arse all day. I need to get up. I miss running through the woods with free abandon. I grab the bag and walk over to her.

‘You forgot your things.’ I say, standing over her. I throw the bag down on the seat next to her and she looks up at me, her face stained with tears.

‘Thanks,’ she says dryly. ‘I’ve really done it, this time, haven’t I?’ she looks down again, staring at the floor.

‘What forcing your way into vampirism without knowing everything first and then having to hide for years?’ I ask nonchalantly. ‘Yeah, Gabby, you have.’ I tell her with no sympathy in my voice. ‘I love what I am, and you could do, in a few years. It would have been better to wait before deciding it’s what you want.’ She nodded dumbly, still glaring at the floor. ‘You know Alex is the one that’s supposed to be looking after you, don’t you. I say you’re not my responsibility. And you aren’t. But Alex is mine. You’re his. We both need to find him, Gabby.’ Her sobs have dried up, and she’s listening intently.

‘How do you suggest we find him, genius?’ she asks acidly. I grimace.

‘I know where he will have gone. It will be a miracle if we’re not all killed, to be honest. But I think I can get around it.’ I wait for her to look up, for her reaction. ‘What d’ya say, Gabby?’


The End

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