Renewed Tears

The woman knelt at the shrine. She felt the wind blow through her hair. The sweet rain cleansed her soul and purifyed her body. Luna shone her grace down upon the Earth, her blissful rays reflecting from the white marble.

The moonlight shone from her white hair that was tinted blond. Her crystal blue eyes were clearer than water. Her skin as white as snow and her lips the colour of a pale winter rose. Her beauty was unmatched, not even by the divine walkers upon the Earth; the angels. But she had sinned, her heart used to beat with liquid darkness.

She prayed for so long, dusk till dawn but still she heard no calling. But inside, inside she could feel her heart, the perfect diamond shell of a heart was slowly turning. Black to Deepest scarlet. In her eyes, her heart, soul and mind she felt redeemed. The only thing left broken was her friendship and most of all her love. No one could piece together her life. Could they? 

The End

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