I'm Stupid? Well...

'You, Gabby, are the stupidest girl I have ever had the misfortune of tutoring.'


'So..so you're saying that I have to go into hiding for six years? Did I hear you correctly? Did you say years?' He nodded and something inside me exploded.

'WHAT!?' I got a sort of sick pleasure at seeing him get a shock. Serves him right, it's obvious he enjoyed scaring me.

Then something occured to me. I smiled slyly.

'I guess that means you're stuck with me after all.' I shrugged with fake nonchalance, before sneaking a look at Jesse. His eyes had gone wider than dustbin lids and I had to turn around to hide a little smile.

'Because, I mean, you'll have to watch over me and make sure I don't do anything stupid. And seeing as you said that I was stupid, then it's bound to happen. There's no way out of it - You have to 'babysit' me.'



The End

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