Grow up, Gabby.

That’s what you get for trying to help. Bloody teenagers! Here I am, trying to explain the Mother of Night to her, and she walks off! I don’t move, instead projecting my thoughts into her mind.

‘You know, Gabby,’ I say staring out of the window, ‘that was really very rude.’

‘Get out of my head!’ I hear her angry thoughts projected at me. I fall silent, watching her thoughts carefully. I don’t like what I see. It’s all about Alex! Grimacing I speak again:

‘I think there’s at least two vital things you should know, that you are rudely ignoring, Gabby,’ I say. She turns her head towards me, still mentally yelling at me to get out of her head. I feel curiosity and the angry rebellion inside her. ‘It’s up to you, if you want to survive. I’m not going to explain like this. If you want to know how to stay alive, I suggest you come back over here.’ I feel hesitation and reluctance swirling around each other. Eventually she gets up and comes back. I smile to myself, still gazing blankly at the passing scenery. I look around, with vague interest and sleepy eyes.

‘What is it then?’ she snaps.

‘What’s what?’ I ask blearily.

‘The two vital bits of information you told me I need.’ She says impatiently, glaring at me through the headrests.

‘Oh. Well, one is the Mother of Night. And the other is about an old rule. Which would you like to hear first?’

‘What relevance does an old rule have?’ She asks incredulously.

‘How old are you?’ I reply.

’Fifteen. Why?’

‘Then it’s very relevant, isn’t it.’ I smile. Her eyes flicker with worry, and my smile widens. ‘This old rule.’ I say gravely, ‘There are some that still believe in it. Not many and certainly not me, but the minority that believe in it are very powerful. Known as the Elders. The influence they hold over our kind is phenomenal. I’ve been deemed a rogue and I’ve been on the run from not only hunters like Alex but the Elders and their dumb minions. Which is why this is important, because you are as much on the run from them as I am. You just don’t know it.’

‘Why am I on the run from them, Jesse?’ she asks me slowly.

‘Oh yeah, never follow the pull in your guts. Usually it’s the Elders calling us to them. Follow that and you’ll be dead within seconds of reaching your destination.’

‘Jesse! Stop rambling!’ she cuts in. I glower at her.

‘The rule, then,’ I say curtly. ‘Essentially, it was believed by the Elders that any vampire under the age of eighteen shall be killed. Burnt, to be exact.’ See, no rambling. Be proud of me. Gabby’s face drops in horror, realising what this rule means.

‘But... I’m only half vampire!’ she protests.

‘What they’re only gonna burn half of you?’ I laugh cruelly. ‘Grow up, Gabby. If you’re lucky, your genes won’t be mutated and converted, so you will still age, but half as fast, roughly. You will reach the age of 18 – physically at least – in about six years’ time. Either way, you still have at the very least, three years of hiding. Though whether that will count, in the eyes of an Elder, I do not know. It’s a big risk. You, Gabby,’ I pause and hold eye contact with her, ‘are the stupidest girl I have ever had the misfortune of tutoring.’

The End

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