'You know, Jesse, I don't need to know half of this stuff.' I say in the short period between his rants about vampirism.

He was silent for a moment and only answered when I turned to look at him.

'What makes you think that?' He was looking at me with an intensity that I didn't underestand.

'Well, I- I just thought that, well... I'm only a half-blood, so I guess that means I've got half the hunger, and half the speed. I can even go out in daylight without being burned to a crisp. You said that I should avoid human contact as much as I can and not go out in the sun and make sure that I don't leave any trace of me near the body of the person I feed on. But I don't need to do that because I'm not planning on killing any humans and...' my voice got higher and higher as his gaze became blacker and blacker, and I finally decided that he wouldn't agree with anything I was saying.

'You think that you don't need to worry about all that stuff?' his whisper was menacingly low, making me tremble with fear. I shook my head, almost imperceptibly.

'Well, you're wrong. What happens if, one day, you can't resist the smell? If, one day, your personal Bella comes along - not that I'm saying that that actually happens in real life. What if the venom in your blood mutates the human genes, and you became a full vampire after all? You can't possibly know that you don't need this knowledge.'

'But you can't possibly know that any of that stuff will happen. You haven't come across any other half vampires.' Our discussion was quickly escalating into and arguement, and it wouldn't belong before it became a full-blown fight. Anger was bringing back my confidence.

He sighed and completely dismissed my point of view.

'You need to know this, no arguements.'

When he began another lecture, without a word, I stood up and, childishly, went to sit in a row closer to the front, away from the control-freak. Well, I was only fifteen.

The End

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