Stupid Ideas are for Stupid Half Bloods.

So much for telling her to not get any stupid ideas! As we caught up with the bus, I could hear her idiotic little girly thoughts about Twilight. Well I sure as hell am NOT playing the role of that wussy vampire, Edgar or whatever his name was! I block out her wistful and foolish thoughts, and concentrate on running.

It’s not hard to catch up with the bus; even Gabby could have done it. I run up alongside the bus and get Beth’s attention, making her swerve. I swear a fair bit as she nearly runs us over, and thank her as she stops, though she can’t hear me. She sighs irritably as we pass her, and I thank her again, though Gabby doesn’t. Stupid half blood. We take our seats and she turns to me almost instantly.

‘So what more do I need to know?’ she asks. Not one minute to myself. Not one.

‘What have I already told you?’ I say, having a mental blank.

‘You told me you were the guy that turned Alex into a vampire. And to be careful when feeding. That was about it...’ She said.

‘Right, then everything I thought I told you was all in my head. Anyways,’ I say shaking my head, trying to order my thoughts into some kind of understandable mess, rather than the horrible scrabbling mess they are at the moment. ‘Yes, be careful when feeding. Make no mess, whatsoever. Leave no evidence of any kind. Personally, and you will call it over the top, but I make sure I wear rubber gloves and bring a sterilized knife for my feeding, usually. That way, I leave next to no traces on the wound from the clean knife, and no finger prints. Always check and make sure no hair fell out or anything while you were drinking. Obviously, you need to feed in a quiet, secluded area, because checking the body can take time, if you’re not on the run and therefore not in a hurry.’ I know I’m rambling, but she’s a vampire; a vampire’s memory is outstanding, for the most part. Well, hers will be half as good... ‘Why aren’t you taking notes?’ I snap irritably at her.

‘I... I don’t have any paper. Or a pen.’ She says looking around as if one will magically appear.

‘Christ, what kind of a vampire are you?’ she doesn’t answer, and it wasn’t a rhetorical question, so I obligingly tell her. ‘A stupid half blooded one, that’s what. Here. Pen. Paper. Make friends with them and write down what I’m saying.’ I hand my own note pad and pen over to her through the gap in the headrests and she takes notes on what I just said.

‘Right, got it?’ she nods. ‘Good. Like I said, leave no evidence. Try your best not to kill. If you do, however, make it look like a human murder. Or a suicide. I usually cut their wrists and leave them with the knife covered in their finger prints, if I do. When you feed, do not, I repeat do not get your saliva in the wound. This bit goes for animals too, or you end up with vampire animals chasing each other – horrific , terrible mess that I then have to clear up, because of a stupid vampire that didn’t know how to feed himself properly. We don’t want any accidental vampires running around uncontrolled, okay? I made that mistake and now look; a half blood that thinks life is like a fairy tale! And I’m to blame for teaching a filthy vampire hunter a lesson.’ I’m rambling again, I know it, but I don’t care. Until I pause, that is.

‘Uh, Jesse?’ Gabby interrupts.

‘What?’ I ask.

‘Are you going to actually teach me something, or are you going to just sit here and slag me off for the rest of the journey?’ she enquires in a cold tone.

‘I’m doing both, so shut up and be glad you’re getting any tuition at all.’ I snap, annoyed. She glares at me, and I carry on.

The End

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