Stupid Ideas.

Don't get any stupid ideas? Ha! Too late.

The run was exhilerating, he was so much faster than me, and I'd thought that I'd become quicker when I became a half-vampire. Well, maybe compared to a human, but this vampire sure didn't think so.

My arms created a strangle-hold around his neck as we whizzed through the forest, my hair blowing away from my face. I closed my eyes against the wind and imagined riding on the back of Edward Cullen. Sigh.

Before I knew it, my little bubble of happiness burst and we were there. But the bus wasn't.

'They didn't listen to me!' I cry, almost involuntarily. I'm not exactly sure why they would, but I'd been a big part of the bus journey. I'd gotten shot in the chest for God's sake!

Jesse muttered something before setting off at a sprint again, me still clinging to his back. It wasn't long before the bus came into view on the road ahead of us, and he sped up slightly, seeming eager to rejoin the group. The shiny red vehicle was going a good fifty miles an hour, but that was no problem for him. Heck, it would've been no problem for me.

The look on the driver's face was hilarious, and I tried to absob my laughter for fear of swallowing flies if I opened my mouth. The bus swerved to the left slightly as Beth jumped and Jesse momentarily had to run on the verge, cursing violently under his breath.

The bus finally pulled over to let us on, and I heard Beth sigh loudly. Sheesh, it's not our fault we like blood and constantly have to keep pulling over to avoid killing all the bus passengers, is it?

The End

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