Left without us.

I couldn’t find any shops, so I grabbed a shirt off someone’s washing line. I didn’t stop to look at it, so when Gabby looked from me to the shirt and back again incredulously, I shrugged and left her to it.

I walk back over to her and arch an eyebrow. She’s taken off her clothes and put just the shirt on, with a belt around the middle.

‘What?’ she asks.

‘Nothing,’ I reply. ‘We’d better get back.’ I say moving off, not waiting for her. She keeps up fairly well, but I want to go faster again. I roll my eyes and stop. She stops a couple of metres ahead of me suddenly realising I wasn’t next to her.

‘Too slow.’ I mutter, walking over to her. She frowns and without asking, I pick her up, slinging her onto my back. I grimace as I remember the scene from that crap film... Twilight, I think it was called, where the vampire carries his girlfriend because she’s too slow. ‘Don’t get any stupid ideas, half blood.’ I growl, before taking off at my own pace through the woodland. We reach where we left the bus in next to no time, but it’s... well it’s gone. I look around. They picked up the people we left behind and left. Great.

‘They didn’t listen to me!’ Gabby cries, looking around, as if the bus is hiding from us. Not too sure how you could hide a big red bus, but there you go.

‘Why would they have listened to you?’ I ask acidly. She doesn’t reply. I sigh and shift her on my back a little. ‘They won’t have gone too far.’ I mutter and start running again, tracking the smell of bus fumes.

The End

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