Pull yourself together

Pull yourself together, Bassy Boy! Blaze's voice reverberated around his head. Basilic was still struggling with his overwhelming memories, but he knew, he needed to talk to her, to clear his emotions... To move on. He slipped his mobile from his pocket and called the first number on the list.

 "Hey, Ray. I need a number... Yes... No! OK, OK, I'll do it if I can. Although I'm supposed to be on a break." at this point, his voice was grating with annoyance. "Anyway, about that number... Yes, I know I told you not to tell me... I'm telling you, Ray, I need that number. Yes, I know what she did. If I remember, it was ME it happened to! Just give me the number!" and at this point he got the answer he was looking for. He smiled as Ray gave him the number. He thanked him and terminated the call.

 He typed the number into his phone and pressed the call button. He waited for her to answer. It rang... And rang... And rang... And eventually, she picked up the phone.

 "Hello? Who is this?"

The End

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