Duty To Welcome

The bus stops suddenly as it is returning to us. I see a figure, who I think is Gabby, run out and yell for the bus to wait for her. Fat chance! It didn't wait for us! Though, I suppose Gabby has always been more important than me on this Bus-nothing interesting happened to me till I met Jenny...And interesting always equals popular. Another figure steps out after her, and they both head for the copse that is nearby. From the mouth of the Bus I see a gold and red bird I recognise from earlier. A Phoenix. The Flame-Haired-Girl has left the Bus.

I look over at Jenny again. She is muttering something but it seems that she doesn’t know that she’s doing it. Repeating one word over and over, as if in a trance:

“Worthless…worthless…” Over and over, as if in a trance.

Then suddenly I wonder why I reacted so badly to Jenny’s form; whatever she is it is our Duty to welcome her to this world.

“Sorry, Mr. Bible,” I say as I gently push past him to get to Jenny. I am still startled but can feel my courage start to build up again, simultaneously with my temperature.(As well as warming me up, this older man’s coat has also helped give me a sense of courage!)

"Jenny," I say, as I shake her icey shoulders, "Jenny can you hear me? You are not worthless! Look, we stayed here for you. You're my friend. You're good. And YOU'RE CERTAINLY NOT WORTHLESS!"

Stupid anger fills me. Bringing with it, a surge of hated memories, mostly hatred against myself.

"Oh, I don't do enough with you. I must be a horrible mother." "Don't be so ridiculous-you're a great mum!" Why does she always say that? Why does she make me feel bad? Maybe it's because you are. You're worthless to her...worthless...

Jenny brings me back to the present. She is speaking. "Meggie? What are you doing here? What about the Bus?" Clearing my head, I glance round at Aidan and when he smiles at me, confidently continue with Jenny.

"You're not worthless," I practically whisper I'm so quiet, "Nobody's worthless..." I push the tears back as they spring to my eyes. A deep breath, then back to important things. I look at Jenny, straight into those rotating eyes.

"I think you owe us some answers."

The End

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