You didn't Know Her

"It will be OK. She is not worth your tears. After all, time spent wishing is time wasted, focus on the future. You will find another." Basilic heard her trying to console him, but he knew it was no use. He'd loved her since he'd known her, and since hadn't loved anyone but Phoebe. But even what he felt for Phoebe, whilst powerful enough to make even her feel the tingling heat of its power was nothing compared to his love for her.

"You didn't know her, Raven. She was just... I don't know how to describe her... But she was my first true love, and if you were a basilisk, you'd understand how hard it is for us to love. And then she... And then she cast me aside. She hurt me forever, even now my heart is trying to piece itself together, and it's failing. I'd never felt like that before... And I know that nothing will ever match it." he tried to stop his uncontrollable sobs, and eventually he just sat there, the few remaining tears drying onto his cheeks. His eyes looked haunted, and he could still picture her face vividly in his mind. 

The End

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