Guilt and Whispers

As soon as the words spat themselves out of Basilic's mouth he regretted them, but he couldn't stop himself. He was giving voice to all the feelings of abandonment and hurt that had been building inside him for months, no, years. Raven tried to curl into a ball on her seat, tears carving rivers on her flesh, wings folded around her like a shield of feathers. 

He stopped shouting abuse as a voice, at first unrecognisable, started to whisper in his mind. His mental quiet allowed the voice to take on a quality he recognised. Phoebe. Another tear trickled down his cheek as he realised what she was saying. "I love you Bas, I will never forget you. I will see you again, for now I must gather myself. I will be back for you. Bas, never forget me." He promised to himself he wouldn't. He'd never forgotten those he'd loved, and never would. It was a solemn pledge he'd made himself when he'd lost Her. 

The voice disappeared, and he searched his mind for it. It was lost to him, lost to him until she returned to him, and he wasn't sure that would be soon. He was swamped by guilt as he turned to Raven, who was now sitting upright, but with her legs drawn to her chest, and a slightly terrified look on her face. She was staring determinedly forwards; and when he placed a hand on her shoulder she almost leapt out of her seat.

"Raven, I... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken out my anger on you. It wasn't fair." he apologised, almost a whisper.

The End

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