I have to wear that?

'Don't move an inch.' Ha! Like he could tell me what to do. I sat on the ground.

He came back with a t-shirt that was about ten sizes too big. It looked like he'd stolen it from some guys bedroom. I guess there's no shops around here.

'Erm...I'll leave you to it, then.' He flitted away, faster than I could see.

I held the shirt infront of me and raised my eyebrows at the slogan. So he was worried that I would draw attention? I'm not entirely sure that 'It's not a hangover, It's wine flu' Is the best way to avoid peoples notice, especially when it's such a touchy subject at the moment.

I slipped the t-shirt over my head. It came down to my knees - it was practically a dress. Oh well, at least I could take my dirty trousers off aswell. I took the belt off my jeans and tied it around my waist.

When Jesse came back, he raised his eybrows. Again. He seems to like doing that.

'What?' I asked him. He just shrugged, looking away,  and I looked down at myself. Had I forgotton something?

Nope. I was wearing black converse and a t-shirt with a conterversial slogan and a belt that sort of defined my waist. What was wrong with that?

'We'd better get back.' Jesse muttered and pelted away through the trees.

The End

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