Should have gone after all.

I found myself hugging her. Well, she hugged me and I kind of had to comply. She asks what she needs to know. I sigh and pull away, irritated that my shirt is damp from her tears.

‘Look, you and I both need to feed first, before we can sit on a bus full of humans.’ She nods, looking at the floor, wiping away the streaks of salty water. Together, we run through the woods, on the trail of our “food”, but her pace frustrates me. I want to run as fast as I am designed to. I speed off, alone and alive, leaving Gabby behind. I find and drink from two deer and a fox, before running back to find Gabby. It takes me a minute to locate her, her scent lost under the smell of blood.

‘Where’d you go?’ she asks, standing up over the corpse of another deer.  I recognise it as one of the ones that had fled when I attacked the two I fed from.

‘Where d’ya think?’ I say, arching an eyebrow at her messy clothes. Not only are the muddy but they are also now bloodied. She notices my disdain and then sees that my clothes haven’t got a drop of blood or mud on them.

‘Clean...’ she mutters.

‘First thing is first, you should always be careful when feeding. If you walk away from a feed, and you’re covered in blood the way you are, how long do you think you will go unnoticed?’ my lips press together, irritated. ‘Where are we? Are we near any towns?’ I ask, looking around. Gabby shrugs.

‘No idea,’ she mumbles, looking at the ground vaguely ashamed. I roll my eyes.

‘Stay here. If you want to live, I suggest you don’t move an inch,’ I say threateningly, before disappearing off to find a clothes shop. Stupid half blood! I should have followed the Mother of Night’s call after all! It would have been less irritating, at least.

The End

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