Basilic was stunned... Phoebe had gone. Just like that. And all that she had left of him to remember her by was a feather. Yes, her Feather, and he knew how important a Feather was to a phoenix, but still... It reminded him if times he really didn't want to be reminded of. Despair filled him, like the time that... No! He wouldn't think of it. That would just unleash the gates to his memory, and she would stay locked behind those gates if he had anything to do with it. He needed to forget her, forever, to never think of her again. She's gone, he thought to himself. She's with him now

Dragging himself out of his clinging memories, he stood and turned swung around the seat, sitting next to Raven. She was still grinning, and that was getting on his nerves. 

"What are you so happy about?" he almost spat at her, sinking into his heat, a venemous expression playing about his face, scruffy black hair only adding to the look of a brooding psychopath. Everything he loved seemed to be doomed to failure in some way. A single tear left his right eye, and streamed down his face. 

The End

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